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About Elvijs Plugis

Designing his services on a foundation of authenticity, integrity, and trust, Elvijs Plugis is a renowned digital marketing specialist whose underlying mission is to provoke influential business change and engagement to drive new levels of scaling success.  As the founder and owner of the digital marketing consultancy called Sigulp LTD, Elvijs features an extensive background on the intricacies of project management and translating business priorities into quality marketing strategies, has possesses a strong expertise of what it takes to develop executable plans that guarantee successful, reputable marketing results.


Native to Latvia, Elvijs was born in 1989 and discovered the true meaning behind resilience, commitment, and the importance of embodying an unparalleled work ethic early on in life. Though this upbringing inevitably pushed Elvijs to grow up faster than other kids his age, it ultimately became the stepping stones that ignited his intense craving for self-progression. With this as his base, Elvijs chose to relocate to England in 2009 to advance himself professionally by studying English and Business relations, with rooted intentions to move to the United States within the next 2 years. Since then, Elvijs has built an impressive resume for himself across various industries, all of which helped shape him into a top-performing and distinguished c-level digital marketing asset.

Starting his high-profile career in 2011 as a model, Elvijs became deeply ingrained in the concepts and power of strategic marketing while working for several editorials and catwalk shows. During this time, Elvijs also worked simultaneously with the LFW and collaborated with prominent local and international designers. Then in 2012, Elvijs's modelling career became the catalyst for him to tap into the acting realm as well. Here, Elvijs intertwined his charismatic charm and ability to sincerely personify characters that influence invested audience attraction. This led him to become a part of many notable movies, including (but not limited to) Star Wars, Crage Brothers, and being the main character of the film The Target.

Even though Elvijs loved his enriching career in acting, he also decided to expand upon his second passion for event management and marketing in 2012. To begin with this, Elvijs worked with different event venues as an event manager, project manager, and marketing consultant for 3 consecutive years, mastering the art of effective marketing, leadership, and creative innovations. While excelling here, Elvijs was recognized for his modelling work, as he was nominated and voted as the 'Sexiest Man' for Star Central Magazine in March of 2013. Elvijs also participated in an international pageant contest in November of 2013, representing Latvia. This pageant contained over 90 men representing their birth countries, and Elvijs was unanimously voted for and won the title of MR INTERNATIONAL UK 2013-2014.

After these modelling and acting career highlights, Elvijs decided to focus more of his time on building up his marketing and project management professionalism by performing as the co-producer at Art In Fusion TV starting in 2013. Elvijs still works for this company and has collectively supported over 200 projects there as the co-producer, producer, co-manager, project manager, events manager, and the branding/marketing manager for different fashion events, beauty pageants, video and photo productions for commercials, films, and editorial/commercial shoots for a variety of magazines. From there, Elvijs began working within the beauty industry in 2015 within the developing logistics, operations, banding, and marketing departments for numerous beauty brands, both in-person and online. One of those said brands Elvijs was able to grow from a seeded $1M net worth to $15M over the course of just 3 years.

Fast forward to 2018, Elvijs leveraged his advanced marketing and branding expertise to become a freelancing marketing consultant and marketing project managing professional while concurrently working with the digital marketing agency called Impetors as their digital marketing executive. In just one year from there, Elvijs rose to become the vice-chair and digital marketing advisor for the Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion, and Sports. At the same time, Elvijs launched his own marketing consultancy and project management company, Sigulp LTD that constructively supports all aspects of digital marketing to solidify growth-driven organizational futures. To date, Elvijs's marketing support and additional services such as event creation/management, team development/management, video/photo production and implementation, have led to him successfully completing 30+ projects so far, and that number only continues to rise.

Furthermore, Elvijs started working as the Head of Marketing and E-Commerce with the multimillion company London's Pride to bolster their national and international brands. Because of his skyrocketing successes in his work, the company proactively invested in a digital marketing agency called Techtadd Ltd for him to manage. From 2020 to now, Elvijs has been the managing director for the agency, all while still holding his executive marketing roles at London's Pride, Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion, and Sports, and Art In Fusion TV and embarking on new marketing service endeavors, such as offering free marketing services in exchange for a percentage of the company. As of 2021 Elvijs has taken up a massive project to start working with the largest clothing manufacturer and wholesaler in the UK Felipe Tadd that is connected with over 150 companies on the global scope and the project is valued at over a billion in revenues.

As a dynamic professional motivated by passion, Elvijs had a genuine ardency for his career and demonstrates that by delivering pragmatic, collaborative, and insightful services that effectively convert business objectives into quality/converting marketing strategies. This, in conjunction with his keen interpersonal skills, rich inventory of diverse accomplishments, and reputation for rising branding images above coinciding competition in the digital sphere, is what has positioned Elvijs to become the respected executive marketing leader he is today who continuously strives to raise the industry standards bar.


From business management/development, cutting-edge online campaigning, high converting advertising to his instilled progressive leadership, Elvijs is an empowering digital marketing professional who enjoys not only fostering profitable growth but ensuring everyone across the organizational pipeline has positive and seamless experiences along the way. However, though Elvijs may be a proclaimed workaholic to ensure companies receive the abundant services, support, and results they deserve, you can often find him traveling internationally and absorbing the beauty of different cultures during his free time.

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